Let's Imagine

I Spy in the Clouds

Clouds are full of fun shapes and images. Look up at the sky and use your imagination to transform clouds into pictures. 

Scribble Add-on

One person draws a scribble on a piece of paper. Each person in the group adds something to the scribble and passes it to the next person until a picture forms.

Scribble Art

One person draws a scribble. Every person in the group traces the same scribble. Next, each individual makes their own drawing out of the scribble. Share your art with each other. How are things the same? How are the drawings different?

Story Add-on

One person begins the story by saying a few lines. The next person adds on to the story by saying “yes, and,” then taking the plot wherever they want. Each person in the group takes at least one turn. The story is finished when the group says it is. If your group is large, you may want to set a time limit for each player.

Let's Have Fun

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Word Games
Finish the Picture


Word Games



Finish the Picture

Let's Get Physical


Change Your perspective by doing a handstand, putting your head between your legs or laying down. What looks different when you do this?


Pick a distance and run as fast as you can. What did you see? Now walk the same distance. What did you see this time? Crawl the same distance. Did you see new things?

What's in the Bag

Collect some toys or other things from your house. Put them in a bag. Now reach in the bag, find an object. Can you guess what it is only by touch? Ask a family member to add items to make it more difficult.


Gather your family in a circle. Someone starts by whispering a word in the ear of the person to their right (or left). Go around the circle. The last person says out loud the word that was whispered. Did everyone hear the same thing?
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