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Get ready for whimsical delights and discoveries! A pirate adventure, dinosaur sightings, a magical kingdom with dragons, and more await you in the new audiobook Guion the Lion, narrated by award-winning actor and musician Jeremy Renner, written by Rebecca Wilson Macsovits.

Guion's an imaginative little lion who sees things a bit differently from his friends. That is, until they learn to appreciate his unique perspective and shift how they look at the world around them. Full of themes like empathy, curiosity, and adventure, Guion the Lion shows little listeners (and bigger ones, too!) that appreciating differences and embracing others ideas can lead to unimaginable fun! There's beauty all around you if you open your eyes. Unlock your kids' and students' imaginations, and give them the keys to find magic moments in the everyday.

The Song

Why a Song?

Why not? Children love music just as much as adults do! Since music is universal, just like the message from Guion The Lion, bringing Guion’s story to life through music makes for a powerful impact and also helps our message reach an even broader audience. Children learn in many different ways whether it be from visual cues, reading, watching others, listening to music, etc. We’re so excited to bring this song and video to life to have the perfect accompaniment to the book and as an additional outlet for exploring and learning about ourselves and the world we live in.
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A Family and Friends Affair

The song was composed by Elwood Ervin, Rebecca’s cousin, in collaboration with his writing partner, Betsy Walter. The song was performed by Eliot Morris, also Rebecca’s cousin, and Wilson Young, her niece, who also happens to be the inspiration for the Giraffe character in the book. Two of Eliot’s children, Mary James and William, sing on the chorus at the end. Thank you to everyone for helping bring this dream of a song to life.

Early on in production of the song, Rebecca reached out to a friend, Les Garland, to get some guidance on the song and video project. While she had envisioned a song to reach those who knew about the book, Garland really helped shape and expand her vision for what it could be—an inspirational piece that will help us carry our message to an audience beyond those who read the book. Rebecca is grateful to her family and Garland for believing in this project, it’s mission and for their work in helping us make the world a more colorful place.

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