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Get ready for whimsical delights and discoveries! A pirate adventure, dinosaur sightings, a magical kingdom with dragons, and more await in the new book, Guion The Lion by Rebecca Wilson Macsovits. Little readers (and bigger ones, too!) will enjoy learning that there's beauty all around you if you open your eyes. Unlock your kids' imaginations and give them the keys to find magic moments in the everyday.

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Say hi to Guion! He’s an imaginative little lion who sees things a bit differently from his friends. That is, until they learn to appreciate his unique perspective and shift how they look at the world around them. Full of themes like empathy, curiosity, and adventure, Guion The Lion shows kids that new perspectives can open the door to unexpected fun.


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Guion The Lion shows kids that trying to understand someone different from them can lead to new adventures—and fun! Turn your kids into social explorers. Encouraging their curiosity helps them be more open about others' experiences—just like Guion's friends.
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